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MCEMA works to protect life and property in Mobile County in emergency situations. Established in 1952 in response to Federal, State, and local guidelines, the Mobile County Commission passed a resolution on June 8, 1987, that made the Mobile County Emergency Management Agency (MCEMA) the office of government to act as the emergency planning district in Mobile County. 


The 1st 72 hours are on YouDO NOT wait on Government Assistance during the time of disaster. PREPARE YOURSELF. Here’s a starter list to help you prepare for any hazardous event see below:

Cash 💵 

Fuel ⛽ 

Pertinent Personal information 🗄️

Medications 💊 💉 🌿 

Flashlight with fresh batteries 🔦 🔋 

Radio (or portable TV) with fresh batteries 📻  🔋 

Extra batteries  🔋

Candles and holders 🕯️ 

Matches Cartoon, emoji, matches, matchstick, smiley icon - Download on Iconfinder

Bottled water

Non-perishable food             

Manual can opener

Paper plates and plastic utensils

Paper towels and napkins

Waterless hand sanitizer

Charcoal grill with charcoal and lighter (DO NOT USE INDOORS)      


Wind-up clock ⏰ 








For information concerning current road conditions visit:

ALGO Traffic>ALDOT Road Conditions



Mobile County Shelter Opening Information:


Shelters are now Closed.