• People without ways and means to evacuate need to try and coordinate a ride with:
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Neighbors
    • Church
  • The general public (who have their own transportation) is encouraged to assist thoseindividuals without means of transportation. However, Alabama Department of Transportation in conjunction with WAVE (Mobile County Public Transit Agency) will coordinate evacuation of residents and visitors who do not have access to private transportation resources with the support of public school transportation buses.

When an evacuation is ordered, WAVE (Mobile County Public Transit Agency) will diminish service in non-evacuation areas and institute their Hurricane Plan. This will consist of activating the pre-identified Hurricane Bus Pick-up stations within the evacuation zone(s). Residents/visitors will be transported to designated shelters.

Please note that there is a limited supply of buses. Do your best to secure transportation from the area without relying on ADOT and WAVE so that people who have absolutely no other means to leave may be evacuated, including Special Needs persons and the elderly. Thank you.