Mobile County officials base their decision about shelter openings and locations based on storm track and intensity and other factors. If you decide not to evacuate the area, listen for public announcements about shelters open near you.

  • Mobile County will post a list of shelters prior to an event in sufficient time to allow for timely evacuation of at risk areas.
  • A pet shelter will be available in conjunction with one of the public shelters.

Shelter Supplies

Shelters offer little more than a safe place to stay as the storm rages outside. Residents wanting a little more comfort should bring with them any medications they need, blankets or sleeping bags, a flashlight with extra batteries, any special food (nonperishable), infant formula, diapers and food, small toys, puzzles and books for small children.

Alcoholic beverages, any type of weapon and food other than special dietary
requirements will not be allowed. Pets will not be allowed except at the shelter
designated for them.