If instructed to evacuate, do so promptly and follow these instructions:

  • Proceed as far north as possible on designated evacuation routes to stay with friends or relatives, in a motel or a designated shelter in a safer area.
  • Stay tuned to local radio stations and follow the instructions of local emergency officials.
  • Take your disaster supplies kit with you.
  • Tell a neighbor, friend or relative where you are evacuating to.
  • Take important documents, credit cards, cash and other valuables with you.
  • Make provisions for your pets [click link here for Pet Evacuation Plan]
  • Shut off water, gas and electricity to your home if you can safely do so.
  • Take your medications with you

If you decide not to evacuate the area, listen for public announcements about shelters open near you. MCEMA will post a list of open shelters prior to an event.