Plans are currently underway to build a new, state-of-the-art EOC in West Mobile.

The Mobile County Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security facility was originally built for Civil Defense in the early 1950’s. With the increased demands as the results of Man-made and Natural Disasters (i.e. Homeland Security and Hurricanes), our current 1950’s era facility at 7,500 square feet is at full capacity. The current facility does not provide the space needed to accommodate local, state, and federal agencies during disasters. 

Task Group Action Plan Items:

  • Visit new EOC in Pensacola, FL
  • Identify funding source for New EOC:  Federal 75% & Local 25%
  • Have draft design of new EOC in place
  • Have funding source by 2007

Benefits of New EOC:

  • Provide adequate work space, technology and shelter for EOC operations during disaster situations
  • The new proposed EOC would allow county and municipal governments a place to function in the event their facilities were impacted by disaster
  • Provide a full-time training facility as well as adequate space to conduct meetings
  • Allow space for projects such as damage assessment & long term recovery
  • Provide a facility that will withstand a Cat 5 Hurricane

Pictures of Proposed Site in West Mobile

Command Center Floor Plan

Inside a state-of-the-art facility

Proposed Site and Layout in West Mobile - 36,609 square feet!!