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Emergency Plans

A family disaster plan is a document that outlines how to prepare your family to face an emergency. Please use the link below to download the family preparedness plan, courtesy of MCEMA/FEMA and the Red Cross.


If ordered to evacuate, do so promptly and follow posted instructions. If you decide not to leave the area, listen for public announcements about shelters open near you. MCEMA will post a list of open shelters prior to an event.

Evacuation routes

Please listen carefully for the direction of the storm by the National Weather Service. If necessary, the Governor can direct lanes to reverse on I-65 All southbound traffic will be halted, and all four lanes will be used for northern traffic. Road closures and condition information will be available on local media and at https://algotraffic.com.

News Updates


Mobile County is now eligible for federal help after the mid-January tornado and storms.

Welcome to MCEMA

Established in 1952 in response to Federal, State, and local guidelines, the Mobile County Commission passed a resolution on June 8, 1987, that made the Mobile County Emergency Management Agency (MCEMA) the office of government to act for the emergency planning district in Mobile County.

MCEMA has the primary responsibility for development of plans for our citizens and their property in the event of any emergencies that may affect our county.

At MCEMA we have tasked ourselves with the following to help protect life and property:

M - Motivate county residents to plan and prepare for all emergencies
C - Coordinate and communicate vital information in a timely manner
E - Educate the public about hazards and response planning
M - Mobilize the needed resources to respond to any situation
A - Act swiftly and efficiently when disasters do strike

Please review the links above to discover the information we have available as you prepare for  and learn more about hazards that may affect this area. You will find plans for family and business disaster, flood insurance information, evacuation routes, cutting edge research about tornado damage, discussions of hazardous materials, port security, wildfire response and much more!

Also provided are links to local, state, and national news, as well as resource links to FEMA, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other social service agencies.

We strive to provide the material you need to educate yourself about potential hazards in our area and how to respond appropriately and effectively.

An informed county is a prepared county.

Thank you.

Ronnie Adair, MCEMA Director & MCEMA Staff